Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thao's Birthday

First, gotta take a mirror picture with my phone after i got done getting all ready for the night. =]
BTW, I bought that dress earlier that day.. i was going for a dress that would make me look much older since i was going to a 21+ club and i am only 19! LOL I used my sister's ID and she's freakn 27 years old! I think i did a good job looking much older than i normally look. =P

Plus it was black & white, a week before i suggested that we should all dress black and white and have the birthday girl wear her favorite color which was pink but she ended up not doing so. lol

Took pictures of my first tattoo for gee-ya like i said i would. =]

My dress aint really that short, i just pulled it up so you can see how my first tat looks even though not that great of a pic.. I need someone to take a picture instead of me being behind the camera LOL jk I'm looking through the viewfinder so u can't see my face. I love love taking pictures, but i don't want to be called a camera whore please! LOL

Alright, so purpose of this post was to talk about my cousin thao's birthday and post pics of it. I just wanted to post that up first before i forget? LOL just took those pics... just got back home from the club.

I went out to eat at a place called San Francisco Kitchen at 8 pm with only the girls first. My second time there, I didn't have hot pot there like i did last time. Started off with some appetizers, can't really remember, well scallion pancakes was one of them because i ordered it but the rest i don't even know what they were called haha. We had lots of sushi but fuuuuck.. just don't even know the names of the other stuff haha.. some new shit i never tried but it was pretty bomb. Anyways, because i was busy eating i didn't take much of the food but i did snap some good photos. And oh, it's a pain in the ass to take my DSLR camera out, it's big and i am always worried about it being messed up. I have a pocket sized digital camera.. of course it's broken. =/

Just lookin at the sushi... i'm craving it now!!!...

So sweet, the bartender heard it was my cousins brithday so he gave us all free shots..But damn that shit was light as fuck. cheap Just kiddding, that was soo nice and i appreciated it =D

The waitresses there help us bring over.. Instead of cake, in this case ice cream and what the hell is the green stuff around it? I don't even know. HAHA Oh BTW, All the waitresses there are white and the bartender. The asian lady in this pic is the owner of the restaraunt. The cooks of course are chinese. haha I must say, i love asian people obviously being asian myself but... Wow i love all the people there, i usually go to asian restaraunts and leave complaining about the waitress or waitor lol is it just me that feels that way? I really hope not.

The hell is that green stuff.. Interesting huh lol looks so yummy though.

mMmm... dig in... lol

My sister took this picture of me at the restaurant.

Group picture w/ the owner of the restaurant.. cus she was super duper nice to us!

There's more pics from the restaurant but i am too lazy to upload all of it. Clubbing pictures are way more I didn't bring my camera inside the club but i should of!! Pictures would of came out soo much better but whatever.. here's the pics i stoled from my cousin.

Lynn, Me, Anna
By this time i am freakn tipsyyy... lol

Anna, Lynn, and I
If you go tanning, u will know why my legs are so much tanner haha..

We had so many drinks... I SAY TOOO MANY ROUNDS OF DRINKS.. Took like so many shots too..NASTY. uhm the tab for the drinks came up to be $900. WTF, New purse please.

Wasn't my idea...hahah

Thao, Steph, Me, Sam, Lynn, and anna

I guess i was having too much

Giving the birthday girl some love.. Lynn was giving her a lap dance lol


gee-ya said...

hey girl! your post made me hungry!! :) thanks for posting the pic! your tat is really pretty.. and you should def get more.. hehe! uhmm.. i think the green stuff with the ice cream was green tea mochi.. maybe.. not sure.. haha.. anyway, i didn't cheat on him i just punched him with all my might couple of times then i left to cool off coz i was super heated.. (im not really violent but i was super mad at him at that time..) take care girl! have a great weekend!!


NIC-KIA said...

u were banginn in that dress mamma!
Diamond Girl!


Hippo_Lee_toe said...


I love that dress and the tat!!!

I soo want a dress like that! lol

kae said...

hey girl just stumbled on ur blog! i think ur really pretty!

why is it that when u tan ur legs are darker? cuz i'm that way, even without tanning! lol. i wanna tan though just to get my face and chest even with my legs. but how do i do that? wear leggings or something in the tanning bed? haha

gee-ya said...

hey girl!! hehe! i'm like that with spending money and buying the things i want instead of the things i need.. im like.."it's almost the end of the world so might as well.."

that would be cool if you live close by! we can be tattoo buddies!! haha! you ever been in San Diego?

Life Is A Beautiful Struggle said...

ooooooooow that's a clean ass tat!!!! =)

Rachie-Pie said...

old ass post lol but you are so pretty!