Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second Tattoo.

My friend was planning on getting her second tattoo done. We had gotten our first tattoo together summer of 2007. I was very undecided on whether i should get a second tattoo done the same day. The main reason why i should not is i'm very tight on money at this point. Another reason why i had second thoughts was because i honestly had too many ideas that it made it really hard to stick with one tattoo design to do. So my friend gets her tattoo done and after she was done.. the question was obvious. Should i get a new tattoo or not?

I went through with it! No regrets baby! I actually really enjoyed the pain.. lol

Looks better now that its healed. LOL the tattoo artist looks kinda creepy.

Here's some pictures from later on that day..
Darcie and I in my basement.

We went to Rite Aid to buy A+D and i just had to get a picture with this cute bear! lol im a dorrrrrk.


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Bombchell said...

what does the tat mean?