Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sometimes when i see beauty in a subject or what not i just have to take out my camera and snap, snap, snap!
Here are some of my favorite pictures i have taken.

Right when i got outside to go to work in the morning i saw this and had to run back inside to grab my camera.

Paper stars on my living room floor.

I'm helping my good friend build up her modeling portfolio. We were going for the "Barbie doll" look.

Life sized Barbie!!

Something you would like to hang up on the wall? lol

I was addicted to Shirley Temples for a very long time at one point. My nails happened to match the bottle. lol

This i took on sunday, it's cute w/ hello kitty lol. Happy chinese new year!!

I'm planning on getting some photography studio equipment so i can make some business. This girl on myspace has been hitting me up about doing a paid shoot for her. Ive been telling her i would, the weather has just been too shity and cold to do any outdoor shots. I need good lighting to do indoor shoots... Studio equipments are expensive but I know it will get me started.


PiinkCupcakez said...

really pretty pics.. your good.. u should def. invest in some equipment and start making that moneyyyy! lol

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

Those are GORGEOUS pics!

Bombchell said...

the 2nd & 3rd pics are my fave

johnDEUCE said...

hope you dont mind i follow your blog. i have a thing for photography, and this article just pushed me to add you haha.

johntaviousbyrd said...

i know!! its soooo high
very nice pics, keep it up.

Karen said...

Great pics!!!