Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black hair again for chinese new year.

Friday, i received my package with the circle lens contacts around 11 am. I was anticipating on trying them on but i waited til' later on when i put on my makeup first. Well, i went to go to CVS to buy a bottle of Opti free solution and contact lens case. I got home and of course went straight to the bathroom and took out the circle lens. I placed them on without no problem. A lot of things went through my mind. I thought they looked creepy at first. Some people came over to drink and socialize. I kept asking everybody for their oponion. Half of the people say it looked creepy and half said it didn't but some said "Creepy but nice". LOL. My left eye with the lens was irritated but my right eye felt perfectly fine. At the end of the night when i took them off.. my left eye was a little red. I was kind of scared. I was debating all night if i should wear them the next day or not. Of course on saturday after i got done doing my makeup i wanted to try the circle lens again. I put the lens that irratated me on the left to the right and vice versa. After putting them on, i liked them alot better then when i first tried them friday. My cousin vinh picked me up and we drove 2 hours to springfield, mass for a vietnamese new year celebration. He picked up his girlfriend first then we went to the event. It was crazy packed.. it was bigger then last year and the other years just because a vietnamese celebrity was there. PSHHHH, they paid like 2 gz for her to be there i believe. This year you had to pay for the food there, if they would of used the money to pay for that lady there and used it for other things the community could benefit from like uhm free food!! Well after 10 minutes of being there i met up with my boyfriend since he drove up from boston with his brother i ended up getting there first. By the end of the night i left with my boyfriend and his brother back to boston. They made a stop at this gas station to get drinks and i went inside to go the bathroom and take out the contact lens because the right eye was bothering me and that was the lens i had in the left on friday. His brother droped us off at my boyfriends apartment and he packed his stuff then got in his car and left back to my place in NH. We stoped at my house first because i wanted to put the contact lens on first before we leave to my cousins house for a new year party. They were playing cards and drinking when we got there. I just had 2 mixed drinks and that's about it for me. I was glad the contact lens weren't acting funny when i was there. We left my cousins at like 5am!! I wanted to leave much earlier because we all have to wake up early for temple and of course i ended up not even waking up on time to go! Anyways, took off the contact lens when i got home before i went to bed obv. When i woke up my right eye was sooo red!! No more putting them on my precious eyes! It sucks because of course the first day i thought they looked creepy and that's only because i wasn't used to them since they were a big change on me. Second and last day i wear the contact lens i was loving them but since it gave me pink eye like side effect.. it wasn't worth wearing them. I remembered before purchasing the circle lens i had read a bunch of threads about circle lens and some people did have the same problem as me. I just wanted to try the circle lens out but now i'm really considering paying for a damn eye exam and contact fitting at walmart again to get acuvue free looks! LOL i really hope that day comes sooner!!! Okay, so here are some pics from saturday night..

That's the vietnamese celebrity lady i don't know how to spell her name lol But yea it was dark so couldn't get a clearer picture from where i was standing.

Nu Nu and I at the event.

Trying out my brother's new glasses..he's a geek but it's cool cus i'm a BIG DORK! lol

Getting tired at 4 am.. Just had to take a picture while laying down.....wanted to knock out but i was a soldier. HAha

My cousin has a cute piggy bank i had to take a picture of.

Sharing is Caring. lol

This pic is at my boyfriends apartment, Me without the circle lens..and yes he should clean up..haha



gee-ya said...
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gee-ya said...

ur tired in that picture?? hehehe.. you don't look tired at all if you ask me.. you look so pretty and you have really nice skin.. i love how your make up is simple but it looks so dramatic.. and you sure do look gorgeous with those circle lenses.. can't decide what imma add on to my tat prolly swirls or more lillies.. not sure yet..
hope you're having fun!! happy chinese new year to you! :)
be safe and take care..

gee-ya said...

and oh yeah i forgot to say that i love the black hair on ya.. did you dye it yourself?

The DIVA said...

I love the black hair on you, very pretty!

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

Gorgeous! I dont but they look sooo good!
I think I have to get me some! haha

Thanks for the love honey!

kathyw009 said...

love the black hair on you. Your skin is so clear, it looks as if it was photoshopped.

Princess Katrina said...

Super cute pics girl!

PiinkCupcakez said...

oo noo that sucks.. they look so nice on u tho..
and i love the black hair and that purple top

NIC-KIA said...

ur amazingly pretty!!
hawt lil daimond!

PamCakes said...

aww sorry babe you must have had an allergic reaction to the contacts. You still look gorgeous tho with or with out them! :)