Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mohegan Sun Casino

Yesterday I went to Mohegan Sun Casino down in CT. The boyfriend and I got free tickets to go see a vietnamese concert. My sister boyfriends uncle knows the director or whatever so he got a lot of free tickets to give out. Our seats were really good. We got to meet Cat Tien before the show started. No biggie to me. Besides I wasn't really excited to see the concert, I wanted to play the slot machines at the casino haha I heard so many stories about people winning big on the slots.. My sister won 3 gz the last time she had went to the casino and played slots. Of course i didn't win anything. Instead the boyfriend and I lost $250 all together. lol It's alright.. it's much better than hearing about other people loosing like 1 grand or more. We actually had signs of bad luck before the casino. For instance my boyfriend almost got in a car accident, nearly hitting the oncoming car because he didn't stop at the stop sign!! krispie kreme doughnuts were like at ever corner in the casino lol don't have them here in NH so i just had to try some. I thought i get two to eat right before the show starts. I only got to try the chocolate iced out. The other one i had to throw out and my drink cause we had to get check by security first before going into the arena and they wouldn't allow it inside. Bummer. Some performances were awesome. It annoyed me though a little cause Viet singers love to copy songs. Although i must say this new artist came out singing the cover of one republic apologize gave me chills down my spine. He was unbelievable esp. hearing it live. I took out my phone to record a video. All of a sudden this rude ass bitch of a security taps me a few times pretty hard on my arm while i was focusing on recording and she was like no cameras or recording allowed. Waackkkkkk. I went out to buy nachos and was happy again. Yup made me throw away my new drink and doughnut but they sell food inside anyway. The bf and I left the show 45 mins early because i wanted to try to win some money back. Which in that case loss some more haha. We waited to meet up with everybody after the show. Head to the food court, Of course there was a huge line and had to wait about over an hour for our damn food. Expensive for not so much food, it was terrible i tell ya. Starving, sleepy, and irritated. Not good, not good at all. Casino's sucks unless your rich and have patience. haha.. end up getting home at like 5 am!!

mmm' i love doughnuts baby..

Being a camera whore before heading out to Mohegan Sun..

It sucks i didn't really take any photos.. Sorry if this was a boring post. This isn't a beauty blogspot or nothing special, just me being me.. posting up unimportant stuff for ya'll to see, only for me to keep to reflect back on someday. =]

And to end this, i will like to share a video i took of me feeding one of my fishes..
Makes me laugh after seeing how dramatic i was being hahaha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today was sooooooo freakn cold. Verry cloudy. But i am pleased with a lot of the shots taken. My hands were shaking while taking the pics!! hahhaa.

Well here some of the pictures. I will upload more so check back like always ;)

On our way back there was bad a car accident.. pretty bad huh