Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thao's Birthday

First, gotta take a mirror picture with my phone after i got done getting all ready for the night. =]
BTW, I bought that dress earlier that day.. i was going for a dress that would make me look much older since i was going to a 21+ club and i am only 19! LOL I used my sister's ID and she's freakn 27 years old! I think i did a good job looking much older than i normally look. =P

Plus it was black & white, a week before i suggested that we should all dress black and white and have the birthday girl wear her favorite color which was pink but she ended up not doing so. lol

Took pictures of my first tattoo for gee-ya like i said i would. =]

My dress aint really that short, i just pulled it up so you can see how my first tat looks even though not that great of a pic.. I need someone to take a picture instead of me being behind the camera LOL jk I'm looking through the viewfinder so u can't see my face. I love love taking pictures, but i don't want to be called a camera whore please! LOL

Alright, so purpose of this post was to talk about my cousin thao's birthday and post pics of it. I just wanted to post that up first before i forget? LOL just took those pics... just got back home from the club.

I went out to eat at a place called San Francisco Kitchen at 8 pm with only the girls first. My second time there, I didn't have hot pot there like i did last time. Started off with some appetizers, can't really remember, well scallion pancakes was one of them because i ordered it but the rest i don't even know what they were called haha. We had lots of sushi but fuuuuck.. just don't even know the names of the other stuff haha.. some new shit i never tried but it was pretty bomb. Anyways, because i was busy eating i didn't take much of the food but i did snap some good photos. And oh, it's a pain in the ass to take my DSLR camera out, it's big and i am always worried about it being messed up. I have a pocket sized digital camera.. of course it's broken. =/

Just lookin at the sushi... i'm craving it now!!!...

So sweet, the bartender heard it was my cousins brithday so he gave us all free shots..But damn that shit was light as fuck. cheap Just kiddding, that was soo nice and i appreciated it =D

The waitresses there help us bring over.. Instead of cake, in this case ice cream and what the hell is the green stuff around it? I don't even know. HAHA Oh BTW, All the waitresses there are white and the bartender. The asian lady in this pic is the owner of the restaraunt. The cooks of course are chinese. haha I must say, i love asian people obviously being asian myself but... Wow i love all the people there, i usually go to asian restaraunts and leave complaining about the waitress or waitor lol is it just me that feels that way? I really hope not.

The hell is that green stuff.. Interesting huh lol looks so yummy though.

mMmm... dig in... lol

My sister took this picture of me at the restaurant.

Group picture w/ the owner of the restaurant.. cus she was super duper nice to us!

There's more pics from the restaurant but i am too lazy to upload all of it. Clubbing pictures are way more I didn't bring my camera inside the club but i should of!! Pictures would of came out soo much better but whatever.. here's the pics i stoled from my cousin.

Lynn, Me, Anna
By this time i am freakn tipsyyy... lol

Anna, Lynn, and I
If you go tanning, u will know why my legs are so much tanner haha..

We had so many drinks... I SAY TOOO MANY ROUNDS OF DRINKS.. Took like so many shots too..NASTY. uhm the tab for the drinks came up to be $900. WTF, New purse please.

Wasn't my idea...hahah

Thao, Steph, Me, Sam, Lynn, and anna

I guess i was having too much

Giving the birthday girl some love.. Lynn was giving her a lap dance lol

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, i have been in an on and off relationship for a little over 2 1/2 years. We all know on and off relationships are bad. This is def. my first love, some may say it's stupid of me to be in a relationship like this when i am only 19 years old. True, i think it's stupid of me too. I have experienced so much with this dude.. I have turned down so many good guys for him. He's the one person i can have so much anger towards but yet will always run back to. I have tried so hard to stay away from him but i'm just not myself without him. I usually don't forgive people easily but with him i obviously forgiven him over and over again after so much pain he had me put me through. Anyways, here's something my friend had sent me a while back during a break up i had with my man. I was just browsing through my email inbox and thought i would post this up to share with everybody. In my oponion this pretty much made alot of sense..

Possession. Sometimes we hold on to relationships simply because we don't want the other person to be with someone else. For some strange reason, we feel as though we have some false sense of possession over that person, and them being with someone else would make us feel like someone else has something that belongs to us. This is a very selfish reason to keep someone in your life. It is misleading and trifling, let your mate move on and find someone who truly loves them and wants to be with them wholeheartedly.

Convenience. Sometimes, we hold on to relationships simply because we've gotten comfortable. It's not that either party is truly happy with the relationship, but more than likely both parties have been together so long that they just settle for unhappiness. He knows her, she knows him, they've met one another's family, and everyone knows them as "blank & blank". Although, both parties may sometimes fantasize about a happier relationship, the thought of having to leave their "comfort zone" and adjust to another person seems like too much work. The thought of having to readjust is so overwhelming that they eventually get married and spend many more years unhappy. Life is too short to spend it with someone who doesn't adore you. Everyone deserves someone who can love and accept them past their flaws. If you are in this category, you must realize that temporary discomfort can cause you a lifetime of pain. Get up and get out!

Fear. Some people stay in relationships because they are dominated and manipulated by the other party. Whether it be that someone has been threatened of violent repercussions for leaving the relationship or made to feel that they can't survive without the other party, many people are in unhealthy relationships because of fear. The best way to overcome this fear is to face it.

Wanting to belong. Sometimes, many people find themselves in relationships simply because they don't want to be alone. Most people that are in this category jump from one relationship to the next in search of something that they will never find until they come to the realization that they need to spend time with themselves to learn and grow as an individual. If you are in this category, you need to know that you should never allow a man or a woman to validate you. Value your worth and holdfast. In the words of 'Madea', "shut up and wait!"

Ignorant. Yes, there are a few individuals who are in relationships because they are just stupid. Their bf/gf can cheat on them with their mom, cousin, sister, or dad and they will stay together. Some of these individuals even allow mistresses to move in and share the mate.

Love. Yes, there are some people who are in relationships because they are truly in love and adore their mate. They enjoy spending time with each other and think about their mate at least 5-7 times per day. Individuals in this category aren't in the relationship for "show" or for monetary gain. These individuals have genuine love and concern for their mates. If you are in this category, you are blessed to have found someone who loves you for you. Encourage others around you to do the same.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sometimes when i see beauty in a subject or what not i just have to take out my camera and snap, snap, snap!
Here are some of my favorite pictures i have taken.

Right when i got outside to go to work in the morning i saw this and had to run back inside to grab my camera.

Paper stars on my living room floor.

I'm helping my good friend build up her modeling portfolio. We were going for the "Barbie doll" look.

Life sized Barbie!!

Something you would like to hang up on the wall? lol

I was addicted to Shirley Temples for a very long time at one point. My nails happened to match the bottle. lol

This i took on sunday, it's cute w/ hello kitty lol. Happy chinese new year!!

I'm planning on getting some photography studio equipment so i can make some business. This girl on myspace has been hitting me up about doing a paid shoot for her. Ive been telling her i would, the weather has just been too shity and cold to do any outdoor shots. I need good lighting to do indoor shoots... Studio equipments are expensive but I know it will get me started.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black hair again for chinese new year.

Friday, i received my package with the circle lens contacts around 11 am. I was anticipating on trying them on but i waited til' later on when i put on my makeup first. Well, i went to go to CVS to buy a bottle of Opti free solution and contact lens case. I got home and of course went straight to the bathroom and took out the circle lens. I placed them on without no problem. A lot of things went through my mind. I thought they looked creepy at first. Some people came over to drink and socialize. I kept asking everybody for their oponion. Half of the people say it looked creepy and half said it didn't but some said "Creepy but nice". LOL. My left eye with the lens was irritated but my right eye felt perfectly fine. At the end of the night when i took them off.. my left eye was a little red. I was kind of scared. I was debating all night if i should wear them the next day or not. Of course on saturday after i got done doing my makeup i wanted to try the circle lens again. I put the lens that irratated me on the left to the right and vice versa. After putting them on, i liked them alot better then when i first tried them friday. My cousin vinh picked me up and we drove 2 hours to springfield, mass for a vietnamese new year celebration. He picked up his girlfriend first then we went to the event. It was crazy packed.. it was bigger then last year and the other years just because a vietnamese celebrity was there. PSHHHH, they paid like 2 gz for her to be there i believe. This year you had to pay for the food there, if they would of used the money to pay for that lady there and used it for other things the community could benefit from like uhm free food!! Well after 10 minutes of being there i met up with my boyfriend since he drove up from boston with his brother i ended up getting there first. By the end of the night i left with my boyfriend and his brother back to boston. They made a stop at this gas station to get drinks and i went inside to go the bathroom and take out the contact lens because the right eye was bothering me and that was the lens i had in the left on friday. His brother droped us off at my boyfriends apartment and he packed his stuff then got in his car and left back to my place in NH. We stoped at my house first because i wanted to put the contact lens on first before we leave to my cousins house for a new year party. They were playing cards and drinking when we got there. I just had 2 mixed drinks and that's about it for me. I was glad the contact lens weren't acting funny when i was there. We left my cousins at like 5am!! I wanted to leave much earlier because we all have to wake up early for temple and of course i ended up not even waking up on time to go! Anyways, took off the contact lens when i got home before i went to bed obv. When i woke up my right eye was sooo red!! No more putting them on my precious eyes! It sucks because of course the first day i thought they looked creepy and that's only because i wasn't used to them since they were a big change on me. Second and last day i wear the contact lens i was loving them but since it gave me pink eye like side effect.. it wasn't worth wearing them. I remembered before purchasing the circle lens i had read a bunch of threads about circle lens and some people did have the same problem as me. I just wanted to try the circle lens out but now i'm really considering paying for a damn eye exam and contact fitting at walmart again to get acuvue free looks! LOL i really hope that day comes sooner!!! Okay, so here are some pics from saturday night..

That's the vietnamese celebrity lady i don't know how to spell her name lol But yea it was dark so couldn't get a clearer picture from where i was standing.

Nu Nu and I at the event.

Trying out my brother's new glasses..he's a geek but it's cool cus i'm a BIG DORK! lol

Getting tired at 4 am.. Just had to take a picture while laying down.....wanted to knock out but i was a soldier. HAha

My cousin has a cute piggy bank i had to take a picture of.

Sharing is Caring. lol

This pic is at my boyfriends apartment, Me without the circle lens..and yes he should clean up..haha


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Circle lenses.

This is me 2007. Day of senior prom!
I used to wear fresh looks color contacts 2 1/2 years ago. It was great because i had gotten an eye exam first at walmart and got them fitted. Then my prescription expired and just haven't gotten the chance to get them done, i attempt so many times but failed to come up with a way to pay $108 for the exam and plus paying for the contacts itself. Whenever i had extra money to use, i like to use it wisely on things i really need. I was always curious about the circle lenses i see a lot of girls on the internet were wearing. There were even girls selling them on myspace. The girl i messaged about the circle lenses last year said i would have to get an eye exam to get fitted for the contacts i wanted. I knew that already but i also have had experienced with a place called spiderbite in the mall that would sell color contacts all the same size. They looked really fake and creepy at times haha. My fresh looks acuvue looked natural in person. I stumbled upon someones blog last night and she is currently selling circle lenses. I don't need them to make my eyes bigger altho thats pretty much the purpose of them for most asian girls. I have just always admire people with natural green or blue eyes. I asked her a few questions about the circle lenses she is selling. I was happy to find out that i didn't have to get an eye exam to get my color contacts fitted.. it was all the same size! I know.. not such a great idea, there are alot of risks with these things. I have really good eye vision but i am just too tempted. lol It was very hard choosing a color but it got easier considering i gave her 3 choices and 1 was out of stock. I was left between grey or green/blue. This is the green/blue

It's a blend of green and blue obviously. I ended up choosing this because i had green contacts for a while back then and all them green ones for circle lenses looked really fake but with a mix of blue, looks real pretty. I hope it's going to be greeaaaaat on!!

i'm supposed to get the contacts by friday and I will show you how the outcome of my Nudy 3 tone blue/green contacts!! =]

If you're interested in my blog you might also be interested in checking out the myspace i ordered my circle lenses from


Second Tattoo.

My friend was planning on getting her second tattoo done. We had gotten our first tattoo together summer of 2007. I was very undecided on whether i should get a second tattoo done the same day. The main reason why i should not is i'm very tight on money at this point. Another reason why i had second thoughts was because i honestly had too many ideas that it made it really hard to stick with one tattoo design to do. So my friend gets her tattoo done and after she was done.. the question was obvious. Should i get a new tattoo or not?

I went through with it! No regrets baby! I actually really enjoyed the pain.. lol

Looks better now that its healed. LOL the tattoo artist looks kinda creepy.

Here's some pictures from later on that day..
Darcie and I in my basement.

We went to Rite Aid to buy A+D and i just had to get a picture with this cute bear! lol im a dorrrrrk.