Monday, May 18, 2009

May 16th Wedding day

My cousins wedding was on Saturday.. Overall had a pretty good time. I took pictures as usual. I'm really beginning to think that Wedding photography is really for me. I love being able to capture all their special moments.

I love these shot i took.. paying attention to details is key and that's one mistake photographers can make.

Just some of tonsss of pictures i took, not going to put too much from it lol I really need to make a legit portfolio so i can show people so they can be interested in hiring me to be their photographer.. but i love sharing my photography on here, i appreciate the kind words ;)

The groom with the bridesmaids.. Yeahh..He broke his hand..poor guy!

I caught the bouquet! Jen tries to yank it out of my hands *SIGHhhhhh... after that she pushed me and i fell on the floor.. knees scraped! LOL Didn't know she wanted to get married that bad..haha


So i haven't had the time to say thanks to the lovely Kitty In Da City for giving me the Friendship Award and Another Award from MAKEUPXA

They're both Gorgeous!! Check out their blog =]

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I would like to give this award to:
1.Miss Rinnie

I know some of you already got awards already but it's okay just ment that i thought of yall while looking through my list of followers =]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding portraits.

Yesterday i took some wedding portraits for my cousin. His fiance came over my place around 11 a.m so i could do her hair and makeup. We went to 3 different locations to shoot. It was a successful photoshoot i would say. Not to mention.. i didn't have an assistant but i had an annoying brother who is 2 years older than me. Long story short. Not really a story but whatever haha. He brought his Nikon camera along. He took some pictures. Let just say, he got on my nerves because i was trying to do my job and some of my shots the bride or groom would be looking else where. Frustrating as hell i tell ya!

Here are some of the photos i took:

I'm heading to bed so i'll post more tomorrow or whenever. It's 2:57 a.m and i have to wake up around 8 to get ready to head up to Springfield Mass for a wedding ceremony... i wanna sleep in damnit!

EDIT: here's a picture from Springfield this afternoon

Katie, Anna, Thao, Nu, Sam, And I