Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lost my USB cord for my camera.

Mother Trucker...Effin sucks! I wanna post up pictures from yesterday, so i just purchased another USB cord on ebay. Not to mention i lost my Lens cap for my camera at the party too. I had fun though, lol good times.

Here are two pics of the flowers on my dining room table.. taken 3 weeks ago lol

I'm so bummed out i can't post the pics up from yesterday.. hopefully the USB cord comes in soon!


MK said...

ooooh man, i hate it when i misplace mine also. =/ have you use a card reader before?

i find that those are easier to use... no long cord and you dont have to attach it to the camera itself..

AbcGrrrL said...

Hope you get your USB cord soon! The tulips are beautiful :)

KRYSTAL said...

aww sorry about ur usb!! those pics you took of the tulips are beautiful!

JulieMua said...

I can't find my charger for my camera that's why I haven't been able to take any pix's! sucks.. I totally know what you mean.. beautiful pictures hunn! great job.. I still need to lose about 20 pounds! I feel soo blah because I'm still trying to heal but it hasn't been easy. I dislocated my hip bone and separated my pubic bone so it's been really hard and I haven't been in the mood to do much. struggling with the pain, I have to see all these doctor's.. I have appointments left and right. once I find my charger I'll take some pix's. promise =)

Miss Wilson said...

Beautiful photography!

JulieMua said...

aww your so sweet hunn! Thank you! Your an amazing photographer! I love how you made the background all blurry and made the subject ver clearly! reminds me of my hubby works!
I was going threw your blog and love your tattoo on your leg! very sexy! I don't have a single tattoo I'm too scare of the pain.. but yet I can have 3 kids and 2 of them natural lol
I wanted to ask you about the geo angle contact lenses.. The person you bought it from are they leget? just want to make sure lol I wanted to try them out.. Thinking about the brown and gray..
Would love your feed back.. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful work! I love your hair btw its big and sexy! I wish I had time to time to do mine!

KristaCherie said...

I know, long time no post! LOL You are truly talented, the pictures you take are awesome!! Sorry to hear about your and I are on the same boat! Living the single life! Get your sexy self down here in Canada..Canada is missing out on sexy Kimmie! ;)