Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 2 Photoshoot

Thank you everybody that left a very nice comment on the first photoshoot ;)
My sister does hair and makeup professionally. I help her take pictures for her portfolio. She's booked to do a wedding on the 27th. I will help her w. the bridesmaids makeup. So exciting!! I love to paint faces lol =] Well here are the pictures.. My sister did a couple different looks with lynn.

My sister made the flower that's on the headband out of huh?

So i came up with this cute idea with my niece's barbie laptop. lolz

BTW, Normally i would watermark my pictures but i really don't have time to..not that i'm lazy but i am not using my laptop right now. Please be respectful of my pictures.. =]

And also i wish i could go on here more often but i have not yet sent out my laptop to hp to get fix cus i will need to get eveything saved on a jump drive can't wait til i can go on here more oftenly, post more pictures and i need a new layout too!!!


LOVEVAS said...


Edna said...

Wow the photoshoots just get better and better. I like the last set when you're using a Barbie laptop. Brings out the lil girl in all of us :)

becky said...

well your sister is very very good. these ladies looks lovely and the hair piece is just too pretty.

yeah i know im surprised i have followers. i try my best to comment on everyone but its just too much and it takes so much of my time lol.

oh i notice everytime i used uppd my lids creases like crazy even if i only put a little bit. i find that concealer works so well for me.

becky said...

thanks for the sweet comment. when are u going to do a look for us?

JustNorman said...

very cute. A+
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