Friday, March 6, 2009

Rino/BeatFreakz Music/Harajuku Girls

Before beatfreakz came out on ABDC Rino was MUSIC from Gwen Stefani Harajuku girls!

She was my favorite! Not because she was asian gosh, She stuck out to me with her cute funny personality.. plus she can pull that super short hair off so well. Girl got major swagger lol

Pretty face. I want her sneakers!!!

I'm sure yall tuned in to the finale last night? I was so nervous when they were about to announce the winner of America's Best Dance Crew. I heart Rino, but i voted for Quest Crew. Their last performance blew me away! =P

I want me some cute baggy jeans now.... but no where around here to find cute baggy jeans for girls...=/


Bombchell said...

I missed the finale.

I think i missed it because deep in my heart as much as I wanted beat freakz to win, i knew Quest would win.

They killed the robotics dance, but then they lost their swag =/

every time i watch it, i wish i was a hot dancer!

Twinkle said...

I had no idea she was one of the Harajuku Girls! Girl can dance!

Old Man T said...

Definitely agree with Bombchell Beat Freakz killed the Hot n' Cold dance. I personally wanted to see Box Cuttuz go a lot further than they did. Lydia is originally a Quest member but never had a chance to really showcase her dancing ability.

MiSs RiNNiE ♥ said...

rino is my favourite!!!

danceismyexpression said...

I am so glad with the result awesome final:) you know the guy on the right on the end he was on so you think you can dance:)