Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photoshoot for jermey's shop

Well this guy jermey owns an urban clothing store and he has this guy doing some art work on his walls. He wanted my friend to do a photoshoot so that guy could paint a picture of some.. how should i say it, maybe gangster looking girls? I don't know, but basically like the hip hop vibe. She asked me to do it with her last week and her friend decided to do it today. So, i don't really have much clothing or accesories to make much of a ghetto looking outfit so to speak? I wore a fitted cap that i used to rock way back in the day. I just borrowed some accesories. Haha, let me just also say, I can't really have my hair down straight anymore. I cut so much hair off on the top layers because i wanted to create volume to my hair. LOL i don't know how many freakn times i cut my bangs or my hair and regret it alot afterwards. Very stupid i know. Anyways afterwards we went to a live art show.. the best part of it was that there were 3 dudes mixing and scratching turntables. Didn't stay for long there.. well here are some pics i took today with my phone. Not the best quality but it's alright!

I took this picture before leaving the house on my behold.

Some chick doing her thang lol

This chick is also doing her thang..ha ha kiddin.

I wonder what this piece means to him..

They were really good.

LOL should of done a funny face too.

Yeah I wasn't like amazed with the art work there but it is good to see young people that has a creative mind and uses it =]


kae said...

aww u have a behold! i'm so jealous! i'm gonna get the closest thing tmobile has to it, the 8900 curve!

lookin prettay in the pic!

loveva said...

love u're style girl and i'm glad to find another photography lover on here! whoop whoop! (:

Bombchell said...

Hot picture, I think u got the ook he was going for, sounds like fun.

Nu Nu Doll said...

You are so pretty! I know what you mean by not having the err... "ghetto style" of clothing. lol My brother and his friends are all ghetto, and I went to pick him up at school and they were like um... whos that? We are that opposite stylewise they didn't know we were related!