Sunday, February 8, 2009

Katy perry

I swear this girl has the cutest style ever. I love to just google her just to see all the outfits she wears. I really wish there were places around here where i can shop for vintage inspired clothing. Forever21 is like the only shit that comes close to it in the mall here and that's not that great. Back in the days forever21 was a really nice place to shop at but these days seriously in my opinion they just keep having the same stuff over and over again. Yes overall the mall here just really sucks ass. We have bunch of stores that closes down and then stupid shit opens there. I can't wait to move to boston.. even though it isn't that great either but it's a step up!

Okay about katy perry again...haha. She inspires me and i don't really say that about any celeb. Her style is fun, cute, and it's just different then other female singers. And of course i love her music. I just wanna posts some pics of her up since i am browsing through pages of her on google. LOL

I am in love with this dress.

Love how this outfit was put together.

This was for her hot n' cold music vid. It's cuteee, i can't wait to see what she will wear on her actual wedding! Not to mention... her bf travis mccoy, i can't be any happier with who she's with cus that guy is fine. hahaha..

I have always wanted to find a bicycle like this one's sooo cutee!!


lipstick cherry said...

yeah i love her style. shes so adorable. & yeah forever 21 used to be the shit before every1 started to shop there!

Lady A said...

LOVE the dress....

maika said...

didn't her and travis break up ??

maika said...

yeah girl they broke up! lol unless their back together again ; anywho thanks!

KristaCherie said...

Hey Girl!

Thanks for the comment!!! And yeah, you can totally pull off the lipstick, but I'd use it more during the night :) My Peek-A-Boos, I miss them soo much! I had them in for about 2 years but then I wanted to change it up a bit, so I just dyed it black! LAME! LOL! I love your hair by the way, how it's soo volumized!! I admit I like the "after sex hair look" Awww thanks, but my man's a dork! LOL I think I might get him the Aqua Di Gio Cologne...I love how it smells!!!!